Variety Delivery Program


Fall-Winter Deal!

Receive 3 bonuses!


FREE 30 minute Zoom class

 1 YouTube project request

$5 off all Variety programs

Simply fill in the form and I will be in touch on delivery, zoom time and project requests





All glazes, clay, glass, STEM  and supplies are included. We empower YOU to create.  Project lessons on Facebook will be given and step-by-step directions can be followed for success. You decide what to create!  We can guide you through with our experience and training!  New colors, tools, project ideas every month! 


Sign-up and have your program delivered in a few days!


Highlights include:


​Project lessons on Facebook, Zoom and YouTube 

Firing of glass and clay

(Delivery afterwards)

All materials provided for success

---clay, glaze, slip, brushes, glass, mosaic project, tools and tote

  All clay goes through a single firing so please glaze your projects as you make them!  Projects will be delivered 3-5 weeks after finishing.  Please be patient as I need to time delivery with others in the area.  


 Basic Variety Program includes:

You can create up to 5-6 small projects a month out of your

10 pound clay block! 

(Add 10 pounds of clay for $20)


Create 4 glass projects!
(Add additional projects for $7 each)

Create 1 mosaic project with fired clay and glass!

(Add additional projects for $10 each) 


Create one STEM  ​project

(ask for details)



Glass only program includes:

Create 8 glass projects!


8 glass tiles of different sizes and colors

Colored frit (ground glass to add with your project)

Stringers, Noodles and Rods

(thin glass to highlight or outline your glass project)


Clay only program includes:

Create up to 25 clay projects!


25 lbs. of clay

7 glazes

texture tools, brushes, slip and wire


STEM Creative Builders only includes:

Battle bots set, Remote skateboard set, Remote spiders set, Lego and Lego Compatible kits 

3 STEM projects (pick three) and one large set project as described below

STEM projects can include:

Clay slime

Hexbug maze

Rocketship catapults

Motorized robots

Recycled records



Details with pictures texted/emailed based on ages. Create a world around your electronics or build with Lego compatible designs. All electronics come with a choice of the grey or pink road, cardboard building walls, small cardboard car and a few signs.  You will need markers, tape, additional cardboard and scissors to make your city.  All Lego compatible kits can be selected for your family.  You can choose a small kit for each child or a large one for the family.  I can send pictures upon request of available kits for you to purchase.  Lego kits can include one for the whole family or a single large project.






How it works:

I deliver the kit to you a few days after registration.  My deliveries/pick-ups go out on Wednesdays normally.  You can follow instructions through videos and written guidance.  You simply text/email/call me when you are ready to have items picked up.  All clay goes through a single firing so please glaze your projects as you make them!  Projects will be delivered 3-5 weeks after finishing.  Please be patient as I need to time delivery with others in the area.    Instruction for care and handling of clay and glass will be delivered through Facebook and YouTube videos.  You may also call or text me anytime at 317-514-8469.  


Please fill out all info below 


You can pay electronically through:

Venmo (@Jeremy-South-2)

Cashapp ($JeremySouth)

 PayPal (please add 3% to

or check/cash (checks made to Jeremy South) can be left in an envelope on the porch

Monetary Tips are always appreciated!

Variety Delivery Program
Choose your service

List additional supplies request in comment section

I do not hold Ripple Mobile Arts liable in any way for injury that may occur while using the glass, clay or tools.  I will follow best practices outlined in the page and videos shared.  Glass needs to always be supervised with an adult present.  Glass is best for kids 6 and up.  Safety glasses must always be worn when cutting glass.  Mosaic and glass projects are not food-safe.  Clay projects are food-safe after firing.  Glaze and clay are non-toxic.

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