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Rent a Wheel!

Interested in making pottery in your own home? Now you can with our table top portable wheel stations with the NEW LOWER COSTS!

Additional $30 off for all Homeschool Families!!

Based out of Indianapolis, Indiana

Pottery Wheel Rental Includes:

  • Pottery Wheel

  • 25 lbs of clay

  • Tools

  • Small plastic tarp

  • 8 underglazes

  • Tote & tray

  • Drywall & canvas squares

  • 3 bats

  • Drop off for finished work to be fired

  • 4-8 week rental

Rental Information

artista pottery wheel
Artista Tabletop Wheel Rental

I do not hold Ripple Mobile Arts liable in any way for injury that may occur while using the pottery wheel, clay or tools.  I will follow best practices outlined in the page and videos shared.  Clay projects are food-safe after firing.  Glaze and clay are non-toxic.  If I drop or short out the pottery wheel and it can not be repaired I am responsible for for cost of damage.   I will clean up everything and return as it was found.  I will use the checklist video and/or paper checklist to make sure all needed items are returned.  I will replace or reimburse for any lost parts/tools/accessories.  

Dry Clay

Own Your First Pottery Wheel

Pottery Wheel Package

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