Receive a clay kit the same as it used to be in the deliveries! 7 glazes, 10 lbs. clay, tennis ball, wire, 3 brushes, etc. All in a file box you can use to store your clay creations. You are required to pick-up, drop off when your finished and then pick-up your fired pottery. All ites will need to follow the paperwork for guidelines in order to be fired. No tiny projects unless they are built on a slab. Projects thicker than 2 inches need to be hollowed out or thinned out. I will be conducting a weekly zoom class and putting out more videos over the next several months. You can create your own projects or follow the designed ones. Stay connected through text and email. Take as long as you need to create. Please let me know when you are wanting to pickup and I can leave your totes out for pickup. My cell is 317-514-8469. When you drop off please leave items under the porch or in the garage.

Value clay kits (10 lbs. of clay)



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