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Ripple Mobile Arts Studio is located inside Northwood Christian Church, 4550 Central Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46205.  There are two parking lots.  One off of Central and the other off of 46th Street.  The entrance to my studio is best accessed through the Westside entrance.  The double red doors are located under the breezeway.  The breezeway connects the Orthodox Church and Northwood Christan Church.  You will find several doorbells and signs located by these doors for various spaces inside the building.  Ring the doorbell marked Ripple Mobile Arts to let me know you are here.  My studio is located on the third floor of the building.  There will be 4 short flights of stairs to get there.  NO ELEVATOR ACCESS.  I can guide you to my studio upon your arrival.  If you are lost or need directions, please text me at 317-514-8469.  

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