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Art Parties/Events

Options for your convenience!  Minimum charge below.

  1. I host inside my studio, located at 4550 Central Avenue, Indianapolis for a 20% DISCOUNT on every listed option below with the exception of Pottery Wheel Individual/Small Group Lessons.  No discounts for a party set-up outside on the church grounds.   

  2. You host the party/event.  I bring all needed supplies and setup (You provide tables and chairs needed) Set-up can be inside or outside.  I can bring tables for an additional $25.  No chairs provided.  Travel up to 30 miles outside Indianapolis.  Over 30 miles out please contact for options.

  3. Schedule a remote art (click on link) kit delivery for all participants.  Each participant creates in their own home. 

  4. Rent a pottery wheel (click on link) and use with your group under your time and guidance.

  5. Gift a party/event (click on link) to a loved one. 


What you get:

  • Art instruction

  • All materials and set-up provided including table coverings, paint smocks, materials and all projects made from scratch

  • FREE delivery of finished work

  • No travel charges (up to 10 miles out of Indianapolis) 

  • Custom designed party/event

  • Inside or outside setup options



Art Parties and Events



Maximum studio occupancy of 30 total guests including parents.

Mobile location participants based on space and size.

Gather at your work, home or event space for an art birthday, farewell or end of year party, whatever the occasion we have the perfect party for you.  You can also book your party at our studio!

Parties are blocked for two hour periods unless arranged otherwise. Art projects last up to approximately 1.5 hours depending on preference.  Pick a party theme or tailor your class to your interests.  All participants will create a personal art project or two. Unless specified, all artwork will be delivered at a later date. 


Some event/party options will need more adult help for project facilitation.  Please indicate age of participants when messaging.  We can discuss logistics when choosing your theme and location.  



Fused Glass/STEM and Recycled Art  Themes

Ages 5 - adult/ $275 / 10 participants, an additional $30 each - around 90 minutes
* All glass will be fired and delivered about 2-3 weeks after event
Fused Glass Designs – Create your very own fused glass tiles.  Create 2 unique creations with glass.  Please allow about 2 weeks to fire and deliver fused glass.
Rhythm and Records – Create some noise!  We will have a group jam session, create our own mini tambourine, drum and recycled record art! *Needs some additional parent help.  
Glass Mosaic Coasters or Frames – Design your own geometric coasters or small picture frames from colorful glass tiles. Guests will use a grid to glue selected tiles, apply and wipe grout and take home two handmade coasters or one picture 5″ x 7″ picture frame. 
Foil and Flowers – Create your very own fused glass flower tile and design your own foil art project!  Please allow 2 weeks for fused glass artwork to be kiln fired 
Maze Crawlers and Dancing Robots - Create your very own maze for your nano hexbug.  Use pizza boxes, stickers, markers and so much more.  Create a robot from materials including pool noodles, pipe cleaners, wire, foam shapes and beads. Incorporate an small vibrating motor and children will be amazed to watch their robots move across the table! Using the parts that make up an electric toothbrush: on / off switch, battery, vibrating motor and connecting circuits children will make their robots come to life. Enjoy hours of fun!  *Needs some additional parent help.
Slime and rocket ship catapults -  Create your very own clay slime and rocket ship catapult.  Use foam clay, rubber bands, tape, glue and so much more!  *Needs some additional parent help.


Pottery Wheel Individual/Group Lesson Fun! - Ages 6-adult / $195 total - 2 hours / 1-6 participants

Everyone will go through an entire lesson as a group.  Participants you will all create 1-2 projects (1-3 participants create 2 and 4-6 create 1) on the pottery wheel such as a bowl and mug.  1-3 participants will remain at the pottery wheel for the duration of the time allowing us to go through all stages of the process from beginning to end.  4-6 participants create 1 project on the pottery wheel along with a clay handbuilding plate.

* Choose from any of the themes below by adding $20 for a total of $215.  

* All pottery will be fired and delivered about 3-4 weeks after event



Pottery Wheel/Handbuilding Art Themes

Ages 4-12  / $295 / 7-10 participants, and additional $35 each - 2 hours

Ages 13-Adult / $315 / 7-10 participants, and additional $40 each - 2 hours

Ages 13-Adult  / $365 / 7-10 participants, and additional $45 each - 3 hours


* All pottery will be fired and delivered about 3-4 weeks after event

Dinosaurs of Long Ago. Pottery Making – Create a dinosaur by hand  and volcano on the pottery wheel! Bring your imagination out! 
Turtles, Turtles, Turtles! Pottery Making – Create a turtle by hand and a mug on the pottery wheel! Then add turtles to your mug! You can even create an environment for your turtle. 
Castles - Create your very own castle in clay.  Handbuild the castle and create a tower on the pottery wheel.     
Vases,Vases, Vases – Create a small vase by hand and a  mini vase on the pottery wheel!  Add your unique touch! Work on the pottery wheel, handbuild and glaze. 


Bowls, Bowls, Bowls  - Create a bowl by hand and a bowl on the pottery wheel!  Turn it into a chip and dip bowl if you choose.  Add your unique touch! Work on the pottery wheel, handbuild and glaze. 

Plate and Mug -  Create a plate by hand and a mug on the pottery wheel!  Work on the pottery wheel, handbuild and glaze.

Sea Life (Fishbowl Shape) and Plates -  Create a sea life landscape on a fishbowl shape clay slab and design your own plate on the pottery wheel to continue the sea life theme.  

Bubble People and bowls - Everyone will create their own bubble person on a slab of clay while waiting to create a bowl on the pottery wheel.  

Planters and trays - Build a designer planter by hand and create your own tray on the pottery wheel.  Plant your flower or seedling after you receive it!

Birdfeeders - Create part of the birdfeeder by hand and part on the pottery wheel.  This class will need a 3 hour time for groups 10 or more.  This project can also be done with handbuilding only, if preferred.  

Chip and dip bowls - Make your very own personal chip and dip bowl on and off the pottery wheel.  

Fairy houses - Handbuild your very own fairy house with windows, door, walkway and more!  This class does not use the pottery wheel.  

Holiday/Season themed - Create Turkeys, heart shaped bowls, mini baskets, Christmas trees, ornaments, Fall plates, Snowman, etc.  Find your Holiday or season and I can create a project in clay with your group both on and off the pottery wheel.  

Animals or Large Vase in clay - Handbuild only and create a larger vase or animal such as a Unicorn, pig, elephant, dragon, owl or penguin and igloo.  This class does not use the pottery wheel.  

Indy 500 -  Create your very own Indy 500 Car and winners' cup both on and off the pottery wheel.

Frogs and Lilly Pads- Create your very own Lilly pad, flower and frog out of clay.  Work on the pottery wheel. 

Bears and Honey- Let's create a little honey pot on the pottery wheel and small bear by hand. 

Rabbits and baskets- No need to wait until Easter!  Create your very own mini basket on the pottery wheel and designer egg plate by hand. 

I can custom create a party or special event just for your group!  Please let me know what you are looking for and I can work out the ideas together!


Plan your next social gathering or special event with us!

Please list all details of request below. Thank you!


Please enter by the red set of doors on the west side entrance.  You can park in either of the parking lots.  The west entrance is off 46th street.  You will see a sign for the church and the Orthodox church at the entrance.  Please ring the bell to be let in.  We are located on the third floor straight up the flight of stairs.

Please pay ahead of party/event, if possible.  

Venmo (@GermyClay) 
Cashapp ($JeremySouth)
PayPal (
or check/cash (checks made to Jeremy South)

Gift a party/event to a loved one!  Find the link Below:

I would like my event/party to be held :

Thanks! Message sent.

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