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Art Meetup For Creatives

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Hello Everyone!
This group was started for the purpose of connecting busy creatives, highly sensitive artists and individuals! Its also a way to nurture the soul. We process deeply. Maybe we need some healing from parts of us that were never understood or dismissed. Let us find connection as we unwind for a few hours with like-minded individuals. I am married with a family. My time is limited but my need to connect with fellow artists is real. Do you need creative connection? Do you need deeper conversations? Do you give yourself anytime to create or try something new? We will meet typically at my studio to make art, watch a movie/documentary, play a game, make music, go through a workbook or anything that aids in connecting us as we chat and form new connections and friendships. This group will focus on art, conversation, growth, creativity and sensory explorations. The group is NOT focused on anyone teaching or committing to more than anyone else. We come together as equals and commit to a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for everyone. Some meetups suggest bringing your art to create with others in conversation. Music, Art, Poetry and anything creative is encouraged! This can include coloring, clay, fabric, drawing or anything you find personally creative. All creatives and sensitive individuals are welcome! Most meetups will be FREE of charge. Some will have fees as we visit a few museums or events. Let's all work together to contribute ideas, group projects and any materials or get-togethers you would like to suggest. If you feel led to share your art with everyone, please do so and we can make an event for you! No pressure to host. My desire is for all of us to share and enjoy creative company. After the first few get together times we can discuss gallery, museum or outside art visits. Masks are optional. My studio space is about 1000 square feet located in Northwood Christian Church. My address is 4550 Central Ave, Indianapolis. I am located on the third floor. No elevator access. Other rooms available for events as needed.

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