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Stem and art activities for the homeschooler!  This is a special for those who register for classes.  Sign-up for the pottery class and/or the Fused glass class and receive materials to make your special project at home while focusing a lesson on your project of the day.  Catapults, Wind energy, engineering and more!  Each week take supplies home after class.  Then, build your design and make a lesson on your own time.  Perfect for a busy schedule.   You get this 50% discount for all your kids!

Simply enter the number of kids you would like to buy a project for.  Only $2.50 each!


A new project every month.  


1st Month- Hexbug Mazes- keep your nano bugs too!

2nd Month- Art Robots

3rd Month- Clay Bells

4th Month- Rocketship Catapults

Stem and Art (make-at-home-and-learn specials)

$5.00 Regular Price
$2.50Sale Price
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