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Pottery Wheel Fusion Stem and Art in Clay!

All Ages welcome


  Work as  Family


Investigate the science of your daily project! Learn about dinosaurs, Indiana birds, elephants and more! After a brief background of your animal is shared before we begin building in clay!  5 days, 5 projects and family time for the pottery wheel! Our last Virtual class will be a wrap up of our projects. 


We start our projects together each day.  You finish building at your own pace.  Add powdered glass to your project for an amazing color combination after creating.  We will combine clay and glass with every assigned project.  Build as a family!  Everything is made from scratch.


No experience is needed. 


Instruction will be given through a one hour virtual class.  If you miss the class you can build with a series of short videos found on my YouTube channel.  Gain understanding on basics with clay. 


All needed supplies will be delivered to your home in a convenient kit for the camp week.  Extra clay will be given for creating your own unique projects.  You will receive a 25 lb. block of clay!  You can build your own creations along with camp projects!  All projects will be kiln fired.  Work at your own pace and complete as you see fit. 


The pottery wheel will be delivered and picked up giving each family  I week to work on the wheel.  Create your very own designs.  Use extra clay and tools specifically for use with the portable pottery wheel.  The use of the pottery wheel will be assigned throughout the month of July to include everyone! I will contact you directly on all dates for use.  Details on videos, instructions and assistance will be given.  Text, email, instructions, and video support will be given to all families for success! 


All projects will be fired and delivered about 4 weeks after the camp.  All supplies needed for camp will be delivered to your door.  Delivery date and Pick-up date listed below. Included supplies for the camp can be found in the registration form.  ​

All Ages!   

​$100 per child

Monday and Wednesday builds

1 hour together

July 6th, 8th, 13th, 15th, 20th and 22nd

(10-11 a.m.)

Delivery on July 5th

Pick-up on August 1st


Pottery Wheel Fusion Stem and Art in Clay

  • 25 lbs. of clay for the pottery wheel/camp projects

    7 glaze colors




    basic instructions with clay

    tools and texture for camp projects

    pottery wheel use for 2 full days during the month of July

    delivery and pick-up of all materials and projects to your door

    video instruction

    email and text support

    6 - 1 hour bulds together

    delivery of all finished work to your door

    glass powder for projects (Frit) 

    Video supplement for any missed build times found on my YouTube channel

  • I do not hold Ripple Mobile Arts or Jeremy South liable in any way for injury that may occur while using the powder glass, clay or tools.  I will follow best practices outlined in the page and videos shared.  Clay projects are food-safe after firing.  Glaze and clay are non-toxic.  All registrations are on a limited basis and are therefore non-refundable.  Jeremy South will do his best to make any and all attempts for a great week of camp.  Clay projects are not always guarenteed to survive the kiln firing.  

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