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A castle of mystery, jungle adventures, monster island and more!  You will glaze and add powdered glass to your project for an amazing color combination. We will build each day with projects you can do as a family! 5 awesome projects in all. Everything is made from scratch. No experience is needed. Instruction will be given through a series of short videos for each project along with explanation on how to use clay and work with the different methods shown.  All needed supplies will be delivered to your home in a kit for the camp week. Extra clay will be given for creating your own unique projects. All projects will be kiln fired.  Work at your own pace and complete as you see fit.  Each day will start with a brief video on the topic and end with a zoom check in mid-afternoon for those who would like to connect and share their clay building experience. Most projects will include a series of 2-3 videos about 5 minutes in length to allow for a step-by-step process at your own pace.  Included each day will be a story to go along with the project.  Watch the video at your own special time.  Details on videos, instructions and assistance will be given 1 week prior to camp.  Text, email, instructions, and video support will be given to all families for success!  All projects will be fired and delivered about 4 weeks after the camp.  All supplies needed for camp will be delivered to your door.  At the end of the week you can leave finished work out to be picked up per instructions given. A list of delivered supplies for the camp can be found in the registration form.  

Limited space available 

Ages 3-6 

June 8th-12th

$85 a child

Delivery on June 7th

Pick-up on June 13th

Preschool Adventures in Clay! (No pottery wheel)

  • 15 lbs. of clay for camp projects

    7 glaze colors




    basic instructions with clay

    tools and texture for camp projects

    delivery and pick-up of all materials and projects to your door

    video instruction

    email and text support

    zoom checkin each day with group

    delivery of all finished work to your door

    glass powder for projects (Frit) 

    Video intro for each projects science of the day

  • I do not hold Ripple Mobile Arts or Jeremy South liable in any way for injury that may occur while using the clay or tools.  I will follow best practices outlined in the page and videos shared.  Clay projects are food-safe after firing.  Glaze and clay are non-toxic.  All registrations are on a limited basis and are therefore non-refundable.  Jeremy South will do his best to make any and all attempts for a great week of camp.  Clay projects are not always guarenteed to survive the kiln firing.  

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