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Class Description


Does your child want to know more about working on the pottery wheel and to participate in learning the mechanics of working on the pottery wheel!  All participants will go step by step through the process of working on the wheel.  Practice and make it a well rounded lesson!  Lessons are 30 minutes with total focus on the pottery wheel.  Then practice at home!  You get to take home a portable pottery wheel!    All supplies included.  Receive a 25 pound block of clay to practice with, a tote for the pottery wheel and all tools.  The pottery wheel will slide anywhere.  It only weights 25 pounds.  You will even have time you can stop in to glaze with special types of mixtures for various effects on your work!  I will show you how to transport all work you make at home too!  Everything is fired.  All part of the class.  Ages 6 and up are welcome to sign-up. 


Total cost for the family is $200 with the wheel for the month

Bring up to 4 people!  


$100 refundable deposit for the pottery wheel is required.  


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