Studio Classes

(Homeschool, Family, Individual)



Northwood Christian Church

4550 Central Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46205



Individual/couple/family/groups classes with up to 3 participants total for $70 (single or multiple families welcome) Add $15 additional per participant up to 6 per hour.  


1) Pottery wheel lesson/experience for up to 3 for a 50 minute  lesson/experience.  Groups of 5-6 must add $15 a person for the pottery wheel lesson/experience.  All participants share the experience with up to 3 in a session.  When adding more than 3 we simply rotate participants.  Create a plate, tile or free build while you wait.  Combo pottery wheel/handbuilding options available for groups of up to 3 include chip and dip bowls, castles, dinosaurs, stacked vase, hobbit house, turtle bowls and more.  Last ten minutes of each hour are for non- instructional time.  Ask for details.  


2) Handbuilding only includes large animals such as elephants, dragons, dinosaurs, etc.  Large vase, small birdfeeder and clay display scenes.  


3) Up to 2 projects each in STEM, Recycled Art and/or Fused Glass.

  We can always discuss details through text or phone at 317-514-8469.


























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