Special Needs Art Classes

My name is Jeremy South and I have worked with kids/adults for over 20 years.  I am well adapted for in-home and in-studio class sessions.  Studio classes offer the ability for free movement to keep your child engaged and comfortable.  Clay can offer a way to squish and add many tactile and texture opportunities.  Add in the pottery wheel, if desired.  I DO NOT REQUIRE SPECIAL NEEDS STUDENTS TO WEAR A MASK IN THE STUDIO (OR THEIR FAMILY) OR WHILE I AM IN YOUR HOME.  I wear a mask to help protect your family during my class sessions.  To allow this flexibility, I simply ask your family schedule classes evenings or weekends.  I am located AT 4550 Central Avenue, Indianapolis on the third floor of Northwood Christian Church.  ELEVATOR ACCESS IS NOT AVAILABLE.  The studio is quiet and spacious.  Your family is my focus during the entire class.  Your entire family is welcome to participate during every session.  Every participant may create a project or simply explore.  To prepare the best class options for your family prior to our time together, please share any helpful tips, practices and ways to conduct class.  All clay and glaze materials are non-toxic.  Creating a regular class time with your family can open up opportunity for growth and relationship building.  Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly class times can allow us to build a relationship and an open dialogue on goals.  With your assistance, I can work with your entire family who may like to create projects in class.  Our first time or two together will be an exploratory session.  I can introduce myself, materials and environment.  You will always have ability to take a project home, finish at the next lesson or start with a new experience.  Families will have access to a private Facebook page created solely for special needs families attending Ripple Mobile Arts classes.  You can share photos, ideas and connect with other families attending classes.   Questions, comments and thoughts you have can also be addressed on this forum.  PROJECT IDEAS CAN BE FOUND BY SCROLLING THROUGH WEBSITE PAGES SUCH AS STUDIO CLASSES, REMOTE PROGRAMS AND SCOUTS.


Please find your family options below

Studio classes 
Special needs family rates of $50 an hour (up to 4 participants). 
Please reserve spaces after 4:30 pm on weekdays and anytime weekends for no-mask flexibility.  

In-Home classes

Schedule a 75 minute in-home class for only $90

(up to 6 participants of family/friends)

Simply coordinate with another family who also schedules a 75 minute at the same $90 rate either before or after your time. 

(Example: 1-2:15 p.m. class, travel, 3:15-4:30 p.m. class) 

Schedule a 120 minute in-home class for only $150

(up to 8 participants of family/friends)

Simply coordinate with another family who also schedules a 120 minute at the $90 or $150 rate either before or after your time. 

(Example: 1-2:15 p.m. class, travel, 3:15-5:15 p.m. class) 


To schedule solo please add $30 to your 75 minute or 120 minute session

Choose between clay handbuilding, pottery wheel, STEM or Recycled Art


*All families have an option to receive a FREE 5 lb. clay kit you can build at home. (Must schedule a 75 or 120 minute session) Drop off finished work at your convenience or at our next visit.

*In-home sessions can be held outside, inside or your garage.  I provide all needed materials including table coverings.  Chairs are often not used.  You provide table space.  A bucket of water often works well for hand clean-up.

*To discuss options, questions and details please text, email or call me at

317-514-8469 or ripplemobilearts@gmail.com

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