Pottery Wheel Rental

No experience needed! Beginner to Advanced!




(1 to 4 week rentals)

What you get:

25 lbs. of clay, tools, small plastic sheet, pottery wheel, glaze, firing, tote and all needed support will be provided.  Pottery wheels are portable and weigh only 25 lbs. to 35 lbs.  Easy to use anywhere!  Delivered to your door at no extra charge. I then pick-up items on arranged date and time to fire. Delivery of fired work 3-5 weeks after service. Short instructional videos and support through email, text or video.  Text or email for any questions or problems.  Limited pottery wheels available each week!  Continue to glaze and build beyond your rental date if you wish.  Simply drop off finished work at your own convenience.  Prices and options below.  Problem solve through through email or text.  



The difference between the Artista pottery wheel and the smaller pottery wheel is listed below.  Both are good for beginners to advanced.  You choose your option.  Rentals usually go out every Wednesday.  Availability based on a first-come-first-serve basis.   

Artista pottery wheel

-center up to 10 lbs. of clay with bigger motor

-uses bats found on video below to take work off for drying easier

-good for extended periods of use (several hours at a setting)

-fits well on table tops

-great for beginners to advanced

Smaller pottery wheel

-center 1-2 pounds of clay

-uses pot lifters to release 

-fits well on floor or table

-good for beginners


There are several videos to guide on the pottery wheel and with handbuilding.  Please  watch the first 5 as you begin to use your pottery wheel.  Video link found on the form below.

Share a wheel with a friend and save!

Rent a wheel and split the time, materials and tools.  I can even add a second empty tote for storage FREE.  Just let me know.  Sign-up as usual and let me know you need an extra tote!

Upgraded Services

Decorative Texture and Glass addition to decorative work


What you get:

 6 oz. container of glass shards to add into wet, dry or bisque fired clay

5-6 different stamps to use on wet clay projects

Carving tools to use on wet or semi-wet clay

Specialty glazes 

What you get:

2 added specialty glazes you can use to decorate dry to semi-dry clay projects

Colors have multi-tone effect

2 - 4 oz specialty glazes

Pick-up/Drop-off option

What you get:

Receive 10 lbs. of clay FREE if you choose to pick-up/drop-off pottery wheel


*In-home Class(es) will be scheduled in 1 hour time blocks.  $50 charge.  Must rent the pottery wheel for 2-4 weeks to receive this option.  I will leave the pottery wheel for you after the lesson. Can give up to 4 mini lessons to each family.  Schedule 2 hours for $90.  Masks need to be worn during class.  I provide all extra clay and supplies needed for this lesson.  Classes can be conducted in a garage, outside (weather permitting) or anywhere in your home.  


 Rent a Brent B or Shimpo pottery wheel by the hour at my studio.  Access to tools, storage space and pottery wheel for only $12 an hour.  Details on the form below.  __________________________________________

Delivery/Pickup available for all communities up to one hour out of Indianapolis!  FREE DELIVERY included for up to 15 miles any direction outside of the 465 loop.  If you live over 15 miles from 465 please choose 4 week rental options, if delivered.  Details on form.   


Do you live out of state or out of the delivery area?

Email or text me and I can assist you on guidance for buying your own pottery wheel, getting clay and potentially setting up your own small kiln for less than you might think.  Check my consulting page for costs.

317-514-8469 and ripplemobilearts@gmail.com

Availability on rental dates determined after registration.  Usually goes from Wednesday-Wednesday.

Operated on a first come, first serve basis.

(Additional clay and glaze beyond given amount will be an extra charge of $2 a pound.  This includes additional glaze, clay and firing)

Pay electronically through:


Venmo (@Jeremy-South-2)

Cashapp ($JeremySouth)

 PayPal (please add 3% to claymansouth@gmail.com)

or check/cash (checks made to Jeremy South) can be left in an envelope on the porch

Monetary Tips are always appreciated!

Pottery wheels are portable and usually weight about 35 pounds.  They can center 2-3 pounds of soft clay.  Beginner wheels are not meant for larger than 3 pounds of clay.  Follow guidance through short videos.  

Pottery Wheel Rental Form
Artista Wheel Rental:
Smaller Pottery Wheel:
Upgaded Options:

Would you like to simply rent a Brent B or Shimpo pottery wheel out by the hour at my studio?

Want to schedule a family class before renting a pottery wheel?  Schedule at my studio with all details listed below.  

I do not hold Ripple Mobile Arts liable in any way for injury that may occur while using the pottery wheel, clay or tools.  I will follow best practices outlined in the page and videos shared.  Clay projects are food-safe after firing.  Glaze and clay are non-toxic.  If I drop or short out the pottery wheel and it can not be repaired I am responsible for for cost of damage.   

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Do you live out of state or out of the delivery area?

Email or text me and I can assist you on guidance for buying your own pottery wheel, getting clay and potentially setting up your own small kiln for less than you might think.  Check my consulting page for costs.


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