Pottery Wheel Package


Own a beginner pottery wheel and receive:


  • beginner pottery wheel

  • basic tools

(tote, pot lifters breaker cord, brushes, full set of potters tools) 

  • 25 lb of clay and eight glazes 

  • FREE Drop-off

  • FREE pick-up of finished work for firing and delivery after its fired 

  • 1 hour instruction on setup and/or pottery wheel lesson at delivery 

  • 1 year with repairs of both switches

(If you have any trouble with the motor we can send back to the manufacturer to request a new one. You receive my help on any problem-solving that would be needed in either fixing or using your pottery wheel at any time. I deal with all problems for a full year)


Purchase additional clay, glazes and any other desired instructional time. Options available to join the clay clubs. Clay club option links are below along with studio lessons. Stay in touch throughout the use of your pottery wheel for any needed assistance. Trade in your beginner wheel for an upgrade, if desired.  I will purchase your pottery wheel for $50. It must remain in proper working order. Please allow a 3-week window from ordering to your delivery and class. All in home/studio classes must use masks unless held outdoors.


If you would like a class or pottery wheel rental before/after deciding to purchase follow the links below.