New project ideas added monthly

Starts May 31st!

Good for 8 weeks!

Summer Family Membership

Choose your own adventures!


local deliveries within 30 minutes of 465

A custom program designed by your family!  You choose potential projects and I deliver all needed supplies!  You get to pick 3 specific projects each month.  All projects will include materials and short video for creating one large project.  Included with all plans is a limited pottery wheel experience.  Projects you create in the membership are different than other delivery plans in their specifics.  Each specific project gives you more materials and details to work together.  The membership is intended to guide families in greater capacity:  larger glass work, detailed clay building, and added materials to make each project very personal.  Plans are adaptable to fit uniquely with your family.  Some projects can be made on a small scale to include one for every member.  We can talk through projects as we go.  I want them to work well with every family!  The finished product will always be unique and different with each of your creations.  You will choose which project to focus on each week or two.   I will send you a simple how-to video for each of your project picks after all projects are decided and delivered.  Some projects may not need explanation other than text.  These include creative builders projects.  Your projects are exclusive for your family.  


Pottery wheel combinations

create part on the wheel and part by hand

(birdfeeder, chip-n-dip bowls, plate and bowl)

Mega Clay Hand-building

birdhouse, large vases, unicorns/dragons, family plaques


Fused Glass Designs

ocean designs, family motto, explorations, magnets and pins

Clay Fusion Wonders

create a clay project and add glass to key areas for design

(fish and turtles work well with this project or share your own idea) 

Pottery Wheel Connections

bird-feeders, chip-n-dip bowls, animals in jungle, cups and plates


Creative Builders

Battle bots set, Remote skateboard set, Remote spiders set, Lego and Lego Compatible kits 


Details with pictures and project are available and can be texted based on ages. Create a world around your electronics or build with Lego compatible designs. All electronics come with a choice of the grey or pink road, cardboard building walls, small cardboard car and a few signs.  You will need markers, tape, additional cardboard and scissors to make your city.  All Lego compatible kits can be selected for your family.  You can choose a small kit for each child or a large one for the family.  


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