Clay Clubs


A great way to supplement your family or group time together and to enrich your child's school year and summer.  After delivery of clay/pottery wheel you can keep the extra clay and continue to build throughout the year.  Follow along with videos and find your own.  Explore all year long in clay!  I will work in pickups/deliveries as I am out.  I need to plan trips accordingly.  Glazes come in 2 oz. containers.  All claywork goes through a single firing instead of bisque and glaze firing except for pottery wheel owners.  If you are willing to drop off and pick-up your projects/supplies can be accessed quicker.  All firings are low fire only.  Please call or text for any questions at 317-514-8469. 


Group (year memberships)

Take the worry out of planning for your art enrichment!  Schedule a monthly time where I can work in clay, fused glass, recycled art and stem and art with your group!  Memberships pay for 20 kids.  Add only $6 a child additional for activities.  Receive all kinds of benifets such as FREE pottery wheel rental and reduced costs on Do-it-yourself art training and delivery/pick-up programs.  

Studio Classes  (year membership) 

Save $5 a month by signing up for a one year monthly studio class membership.  Bonuses and detals in membership below.  


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