Join us monthly as we spend a 2 hour session creating art and raising money for local art programs at our studio.   50% of all proceeds go towards community art classes.  Details can be found on our Facebook page or Meetup site @ Creative community builders. 



Workshop for Fundraisers  Host a workshop at our Studio.  You arrange a day where 15 or more people from your organization come in to do a workshop.  You choose any of the workshops listed on the website or ask about themes.  We will then donate 20%-40% of the total to your organization!  Details and times arranged.  










The wall of wonder

We will discount you 20%-40% on a tile wall mural or underwater themed workshop.  You sell each of the projects at full price to family, friends, etc.  They will have their name added to the mural and everyone gets a wonderful project to see for years to come!  We will even include a warranty to repair or replace up to 3 broken tiles or projects over the next 10 years for free!  Details and times arranged.  



Have your organization create a series of projects through one of the many programs listed on our website to sell at a silent auction which can often times generate more money than the program costs.  I can discount a program 20%-40% for this very purpose.  



Gift Card Sales

We'll sell our $25 Gift Certificates to you for $20 (minimum purchase of 20 gift cards) and you sell them for their face value. You keep 20% of the proceeds so you make $100 for every 20 you sell!


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