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Mobile art programs

Classes are usually setup having a minimum requirement to run.  Details can be worked out with instructor before the classes start.

​After School, During School,
Organizations and Gathering Spots...
Custom fit classes…
 All supplies are included!
Parent or teacher assistance would be helpful, but not necessary
​in larger group settings. I have assistants I can bring just for
​this reason.  Mess can be contained on table-cloths, tarps,
​etc. I take projects home to fire and pieces are usually finished
within a couple weeks. Large classes work smoother during the
​school day, but any time is optional.  I can create and arrange all needed work for afterschool classes!
Pottery and glass art 
We explore hand-building, fused glass and/or
​wheel-thrown projects in each class.
​Single session and multi-week classes are offered to fit your schedule.
Typically classes are themed based on student interest. Past
​-Claymania (all things clay!)
​-Dinnerware and Decorations
​-Animal Kingdoms
​-Castles, Knights, and Dragons
​-Holiday Fun
​-Egyptian Pottery
​-Pirate ships and treasures
4 week themed classes:

Clay themes include:


History and Clay - Explore clay through the eyes of history.  Create ancient oil lamps, 


dinosaurs, hieroglyphic tablets and carved vases.  All projects will be created by hand 


and on the pottery wheel.  Add your own historical information or Jeremy can share with 


each class. Great for elementary-middle school years. 



Design and clay - If you have a child interested in art this class gives design principles 


along with the hands on experience only clay can give.  Design a wall relief, handmade 


and wheel vase forms, clay tiles and a designer picture frame.  Great for middle school- 


high school years. 



Claymania - Dive into clay and get a well-rounded approach to all methodology and 


processes of what it is to work with clay.  Create a variety of projects such as a clay 


animal, plate, vase and more.  Great for all ages. 



Animals and clay - Does your child love animals?  Create Elephants, turtles, lizards, 


owls and more out of clay while learning a little bit about each of the creatures they are 


making.  Great for all ages.

S.T.E.M. and art 

Mobile S.T.E.M. and art classes

We can visit you during the school day to bring a new S.T. E. M. and art project weekly.  


Robots and circuits, Geology and Clay, Fused Glass and Architecture, 


Kites and Wind Energy, Recycled Records and Environmental Study are a few


examples of the weekly art we can provide before, during or after school.


We can come to you!  clay, painting, sculpture, drawing and more!


rotation of experienced art educators will come to your school and engage children


in the magic of art.


We are flexible and willing to


work with you to find the perfect program for your needs.


All supplies included.

Literacy and art

Have your kids listen to their favorite story then bring it to life through 2-3 art creations such as


watercolor, clay, crayons, multi-media and more!!


Each program lasts about 45 minutes.  We move from one activity to another every


10-15 minutes to keep with the flow of the kids attention.  At the end of the program they


can take the artwork home!  This is fun for everyone!  


Books such as Monsters dont eat brocolli, Curious George builds a birdhouse,

Pete the Cat and his magic sunglasses,  Oola the owl who lost her hoot and I like myself.  


Books are chosen on topics that help your young ones deal with emotions, feel special and create curiosity!  

Make and Take art

Create your own recycled record landscape, vase with flowers, mosiac,


clay bells, robots, catapult or a kite. 

  Please call or email for specifics

Program overview
Programs are great for ages 2-up.  Great fits for afterschool or before school
classes, special events, daycares, senior homes and community centers to
name a few.  
We offer weekly classes for those who want to gain more experience in your
program of interest. 
and a half. Students create a new project every class session. These type of classes
are usually 1 hour a week unless specified.  Programs for preschool age usually last 30 minutes to one hour in length and
may be priced differently due to shorter class duration.
Different tools and design techniques are explored.  
Parent or teacher assistance would be helpful, but not necessary
​in larger group settings.  Mess can be contained on table-cloths, tarps,
​etc. We take clay and glass projects to fire and are usually finished
​within a couple weeks. Large classes work smoother during the
​school day, but any time is optional.  We can create and arrange all needed work for after school classes.
Any program can focus in greater detail with adults.  Adult programs usually run 2 hours in length.
 All programs can focus on the pottery wheel during programs for either a workshop or weekly class.
Arrangements can be made to do the pottery wheel multiple times.  Additional pottery wheel
sessions can be discounted.  Ask for details.  
Program costs

Each program starts at $16.25 per child  (ages 2-17)

(Can be as low as $5 a person with discounts and large groups)


Each program starts at $25 per adult  (ages 18-up)


Schedule a 4 week class for $65 per child

(Can be as low as $5 a person with discounts and large groups)

Schedule a 4 week class for $100 per adult

*Add the pottery wheel for a one time charge of $10 per child or $20 per adult

(additional pottery wheel opportunities beyond the first project are only $5 each for kids and $10 each for adults) 

Minimum charges may vary.  Please ask for details.  


You may qualify for multiple discounts that can custom

fit programs to your specific budget needs!

As low as $5 a person with large groups and discounts

Discounts apply to most circumstances but not all.  Please ask for details.

1) 10% non-profit discount
2) Classes with kids at ages 2-6 usually last 30-45 minutes in length
and would be available at a 15% discount.
3) 10% off for groups 20 and over
    15% off for groups 40 and over
    20% off for groups 60 and over
    25% off for groups 80 and over
    30% off for groups 100 and over
4) 5% off for class visits over 1 per month with the same group
   10% off for class visits over 2 per month with the same group
   20% off for class visits over 4 per month with the same group
5) Literacy and art program discount of 20%
6) Make and take projects discount of 20%
(discount does not apply to Literacy and art programs)
7) 20% off for back to back classes scheduled in the same day
(Please ask for details as this discount has certain criteria)
Please let us know about your specific needs and we can custom fit a class and price for you 

Thanks! Message sent.

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