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Host a program


in clay, glass, STEM or recycled art

at your location for great exposure and fun!

When we partner together, we grow together



The costs and procedure are listed below.  Set-up and class details are customized to fit the location.  I do not charge travel fees or additional costs for programs.  Minimum class size/cost arranged.  Registration can be handled on my website or by yours.  Promotion handled by the host.  Choose from many class options.   Themes include holidays, animals, time periods, functional work and more.  I provide all materials including table coverings, tarp (if needed) and aprons.  I always leave a place as clean as I found it!  Clay towels are used for participants and can keep any clay out of your sinks.  Clay mess is minimized.  Everything is very easy to wipe or sweep away.  Fused glass and STEM/Recycled Art options available.  All STEM projects are make-n-take.  Fused glass and Clay will be fired.  Please email or call to work out the best fit for your location.  All items are brought back in about a month for pick-up.  I typically bag everything.  A monthly class allows items to be delivered at the next class session.  Weekly, Bi-weekly or monthly options available.  Single workshops are also an option.  I usually give the host free classes for their children/adult.  My contact info to set-up your own workshops is 317-514-8469/

As with all my programs, I strive to allow as much freedom as possible and allow the child to be in charge of their own creative design.  I allow anyone to stray from the project of the day as long as we follow a few simple guidelines.  All opinions and ideas are important and are always encouraged to be shared.  



The listing below describes the usual costs and procedure.  


You can typically add on $0-$15 for your fees depending on your costs and needs.  Lower costs allow for greater class sizes.



My costs per class is:

Pottery Wheel/Clay Handbuilding 

$35 child 

$45 adults

Fused Glass

(This could be an add on class

before or after pottery)


$35 participant

STEM and/or Recycled Art 

(good add on class)

$35 a participant

Project options and ideas on the links below


​Pottery wheel classes/Fused Glass are limited to 10-12 participants.  

I need a $295 minimum for local classes. 

Outside of Indianapolis I usually need $600-$800 minimum.  Please contact me to discuss possible options and details.  I am very adaptable.

We can arrange multiple classes back-to-back in order to achieve this scenario.

Find a video of project ideas below or contact me to discuss options. 

I can literally adapt to hundreds of project ideas!

Clay turtle.JPG

Find project ideas on the video link below or contact me to discuss options.  You can also find ideas on the Party/Event page.  


Find STEM and Recycled art project ideas on the link below

maze for hexbug.jpg
I would like to host
foil art 4.jpg

Thanks for submitting!

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